There’s two types of Beliefs… limiting and empowering.

In this keynote Tom breaks down:

  • how belief systems work
  • how they impact your organization
  • how you can engage and empower your team through your belief system
  • and what to do if your belief system is limited and holding you back

Very powerful… HIGHLY recommend.

INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP: Disrupting the Status Quo With Innovation and an Incredible Customer Experience

If your organization isn’t growing and innovating it will be obsolete before long.

I heard a saying, “someone’s going to put us out of business, it might as well be us.”

What is your organization doing to break the rules, rise above the status quo, and push the limits of its potential to make sure you’re on the cutting edge of your industry?

HARNESSING TRUST – Why High Trust Organizations Outperform Low Trust Organizations By 286%

Research shows that only 51% of employees trust senior management, and only 28% believe CEOs are a credible source of information.

This compels us to ask two questions.

  1. Is there a measurable cost to low trust?
  2. Is there a tangible benefit to high trust or is it just ‘nice to have’?

Why is TRUST important?

  • It’s the one common thing in any company that if removed will destroy EVERYTHING
  • Least Understood
  • Most Neglected
  • Changes Everything

In Tom’s Keynote, he lays out in detail how your organization, team, and family can benefit from a HIGH trust culture, and how having a LOW trust culture will ultimately be your demise.

HOW LEADERS MAKE DECISIONS – Discover the Pitfalls That Trap Even The Greatest of Leaders

We as human beings and leaders are notorious for making bad decisions.

  • Relationships (60% of people say they’ve been in or stayed in a relationship that was bad for them)
  • Finances (70% people in their 60’s have nothing saved for retirement)
  • Health (1 out of 3 children is obese)
  • Education (83% of people are working in a career they didn’t get their degree in)

Is there a solution to making better decisions?


Learn about the Decision Making Process in Tom’s Keynote.