We asked if Thomas to deliver a presentation the night before our game in Chicago. I’m so glad we did because he was engaging, impactful, and energetic.

Cincinnati Bengals

Can it get any more uplifting and motivational?

Thank you…Rock!

Pam Litvay

President, The Litvay Group

Thomas’ insight on belief and mindset are like none I have ever seen. He gets people to realize that the only thing stopping them is themselves, and he does it in a non-threatening manner.

Coldwell Banker

“This guy is the real deal. He fired up our people to the point where I though they were going to run through the wall. It was exciting, it was powerful, and it was engaging.”


Ford Motor

“As a Professional Speaker, I’ve invited him to present to our organization of 300+ employees, and he has not only delivered but is the only speaker among a celebrity who’s who list that our team has demanded that we bring back.”

Brett Penager

CMO Medulla, LLC