Buying Feelings and NOT Products or Services?

To get and to keep your customers you must deliver an amazing experience.

In this fast-paced presentation Tom will share why the phrase “less is more,” is completely old school, and completely untrue when it comes to today’s customer experience.

Companies that want to stay relevant must apply more energy, focus, and resources to over-promise and over-deliver with customer experiences than they ever did before.

In this keynote Tom shares stories about his experience at Aston Martin(story below), Ruth’s Chris, and Cutco Knives.

So what does your amazing customer experience look like?

What’s your team strategy for an amazing customer experience?

In this session Tom Nestor will cover the latest trends sharing research, case studies and examples around what the world’s leading organizations are doing to create amazing customer experiences.


In February of 2014, I was speaking at an Aston Martin Dealership in South Florida.  This particular dealership is #1 in Customer Service and #1 in total volume, which is unheard of in the automotive world. (usually you can get voted one or the other, but rarely do you get voted #1 in both)

After I was done delivering my presentation the owner of the dealership brought me into the F & I room, which stands for Finance and Insurance.  This particular room is where a new customer that has just purchased an Aston Martin goes to finalize the deal.

As I’m sitting in this room having a conversation with the owner, the lights start to dim.  My five senses are starting to take notice, and my brain is telling me something is wrong, the lights shouldn’t be dimming.  The owner continues to talk as if nothing is wrong.

As he’s talking I can hear faintly in the background the theme music for Star Wars… the music gets louder and louder… now I’m really wondering what is happening.  The music gets so loud at this point I begin to laugh because I now know the owner is the wizard behind the curtain.

Just then the wall behind me begins to slide and move until it’s completely gone.  Now the Star Wars music is BLARING!

Where the wall used to be is now a BRAND NEW Aston Martin… There’s fog machines blowing smoke and lazer lights of all colors going everywhere…

This is the experience every customer has after buying a new car at this dealership.

I said to myself, “I got it!  That’s why these guys are #1 in both categories.”


I felt so incredible at that moment… I told everyone I knew what had just happened… I was amazed, enthralled, and emotionally overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiasm.

Now I understood why this Aston Martin Dealership as #1 in both.


In this session you will learn:

  • Understand the Power of Emotion and how it has EVERYTHING to do with the Customer Experience
  • Learn about today’s customer and what they’re really after
  • Become aware of what will make your business a force to be reckoned with by using Tom’s Customer Experience (CE) framework


“We asked if Thomas to deliver a presentation the night before our game in Chicago.  I’m so glad we did because he was engaging, impactful, and energetic.” – Cincinnati Bengals

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